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Budget Pack Labels (Fantastic value)

Our budget pack has all the basics you need to get most your kids stuff labeled, shoes, Clothing, stationery. It is quick and easy to apply on all your kid’s belongings. There are a variety of fonts and logos to choose from. 

Contents of Budget Pack

60 Mini-multi-purpose labels (size 37mm x 13mm)

30 Multi-purpose labels (size 60mm x 25mm)

30 Iron-on clothing labels (size 50mm x 10mm)

6 Shoe labels + 6 clear protective stickers (size 35mm round)

  • Choose Qty
  • Choose logo (printed on mini and multipurpose labels only)  
  • Choose font  
  • Add name and surname

Clear stickers provide for extra protection. Use to stick over your multi-purpose labels when using on items like lunch boxes, drinking bottles that are washed out daily and sports equipment and music equipment that are handled often by sweaty little hands.

Clear shoe protective stickers are used to stick over shoe labels for extra protection against moisture in shoes.

R 120.00

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