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  • R 75.00

    This is our most versatile label and is extremely popular they can be use on everything. It is perfect for most items to mention a few - Pencils, Markers, Koki’s, crayons, CD’s, Toiletries, Roll ups, Sharpeners, Erasers, Books, Rulers, Scissors etc. They are easy to use, easy to apply and come with a font and logo to choose from. Size 37mm x 13mm 250 Mini...

    R 75.00
  • R 75.00

    Our black and white multi-purpose labels can be used on just about anything with a smooth, clean surface. Great for school books, stationery, tupperware, market day goodies, Sporting equipment, Laptops, cell phones, IPods, DVD’s CD’s, Sippy cups, Toiletries, Toys, Games, Medicines, Umbrellas, Musical instruments, Puzzles, Lunchboxes, Drinking bottles etc....

    R 75.00
  • R 25.00

    These labels are perfect for marking shoes such as school shoes, flip flops, boots, Ballet shoes, Soccer boots, and trainers. Simply stick the round shoe label into each inner sole. Rub the label down using good pressure. Then stick clear sticker over the shoe label for extra protection against friction. Size 50 x 20mm 20 Shoe waterproof labels + 20 clear...

    R 25.00
  • R 50.00

    Our black and white book labels are great to labels your kids school books and files. Your child name, surname, school’s name and the grade is printed on our matt paper labels. Simply use a ballpoint pen, permanent marker or Koki to fill the subject in. Hassle free labelling that looks neat and tidy. Size - 75mm x 50mm 80 Book labels       R 65.0060 Book...

    R 50.00
  • R 30.00

    These tiny labels are great for small items like Flash drives, sharpeners, Scissors, rubbers, tippex, spectacles etc. They are easy to use, easy to apply and come in standard black text. Size 20mm x 8mm 80 Micro waterproof labels             R 40.0060 Micro waterproof labels             R 35.0040 Micro waterproof labels             R 30.00 Customise your...

    R 30.00
  • R 80.00

    These versatile labels are long lasting and durable and can be used in the dishwasher and microware. They are great for older kids and adults. It is perfect for labelling all your smaller items such as pencils, makers, Koki’s, Crayons, CD’s, toiletries, cell phones, iPods, sharpeners, erasers, rulers and flash drives, sporting equipment, camping...

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  • R 65.00

    Our new 2 in 1 pencil wrap around labels are fantastic to label Pens, Koki’s, Roll ups, and Pencil crayons - part of the label is printed and part is clear, the clear part wraps around over the printed name for extra protection, no more cellotape needed. Please note - Pencil wrap around labels only comes with name and surname printed on it. Size – 55 mm x...

    R 65.00
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items